Wednesday, January 12, 2011

After Yes - We Can!

Wow :) Long time - no see, as they say. What to do, I've neglected this blog for a while. Now I want to resurrect this blog.
Anyways, a lot of things happened I wrote here for the last time. So here it is in short:
- we had our Yoga Jam Concert. The Sofia concert was a major success with over 1200 people attending! Django Ze, Wickeda, Spens, Sleepwalkings, Koceto-Kalki and many others performed live for the first massive non-smoking, non-drinking and non-drugging event in this part of the world.
- I became an Art of Living teacher in November! I also received a kriya tape along with 5 other guys from YWC Bulgaria - Pesho, Dhanu, Višnja, Ausra and Goga. Before that we were on TTC for like 3 weeks.
- After YWC I was supposed to go to Berlin, but apparently I stayed back to become a project coordinator of The Art of Living Bulgaria and the newly founded WAYE Bulgaria! Hooray!
- I was hospitalized for a couple of days due to honey powder alergy. It was quite nasty, but the whole experience was worth it, since I had some time off after YWC. I also met several very interesting people there.
- Me and my sis, we went to Croatia for New Year's Eve and had an amazing time with my YWC Croatian friends.
- I will have my first course soon. Very soon - it starts in a week from now and I am sure that it will be fully packed. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Day 1.
I hold on to a notebook. It's the only thing left from my world. A few words in a notebook. Can they make me more confident?
I have 20 pairs of eyes on me. Eyes of children hungry to hear what I have for them.
I start walking through the hall. I can feel their eyes on me. I want to hide somewhere, but there is no piece of furniture to hide behind, no carpet to go under. I reach the place I've chosen and sit on the ground.
So I start calming myself down. My mind starts getting settled slowly and steadily. Some more seconds and my mind is completely calmed down.
My first few words remain hanging in the air like laundry in the sun. Tedi is supporting me and gives me some ideas how to continue. I am saved!
We start playing games. First game that we play breaks the ice. Second game is a real success. Kids have forgotten their shyness. I seem to have gained more confidence as well. The feeling is like something is pushing me forward, supporting me... I am calm already, but it is really amazing how it works. I am amazed - how can I be so shy in one moment and in the next - so confident. However, I must add, that before I couldn't even speak in public. Now I am conducting courses, I am doing also intro talks and going to meetings. Shyness is diminishing slowly. I can express myself much better.

Day 3.
Kids are happy. They don't really want us to go apart. I can notice the difference in them - it's amazing how they have changed in the 3 days that we have spent together. They smile more, they trust each other more. I feel home with them. I also don't want to go actually. But now I hold on to nothing, so I just go. This world is all mine.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Burgas & Aytos

Hey there. It's been a long time (five days since the last article), but I don't really have the time to write here. I suspect, that the more the closes up, the less I will be writing. So now I am offering you an article that I submitted for the Yes We Can blog. Enjoy ;)

Burgas and Aytos getting rocked!

The Plan
I remember, that almost a month ago I was scheduled to stay in Burgas and organize a Yoga Jam concert. Two weeks ago the Yes We Can team left Sarafovo, but some of us stayed back. I was one of those people… Now I am in Sofia and I am trying to comprehend what happened to me. It’s so much more than I could imagine then!

So, half of the people that remained in Burgas stayed at the hotel to help at the child camp that the “Art of Living” is organizing. The other half including me were staying in an apartment in the outskirts of Burgas. Actually our team never worked as it was initially planned – the Burgas Yoga Jam event was cancelled, so we teamed up with our guys staying at the hotel in Sarafovo, who were helping at the child camp.

The camp
25 kids came for the camp and it turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences both for us and for the kids!
Every day there was the regular yoga practice and after that started the real fun! We went swimming in the sea or in the hotel pool or we played beach volleyball or other games. Alen and Karolina organized a treasure hunt – an adventure game, which tested the children’s orientation. On the last day nobody really wanted to go – neither the kids, nor the teachers or the volunteers.

The course

Meanwhile we organized the first Health and Happiness course during the Yes We Can! The trainer of an atletic club in Aytos (a small town near Burgas) invited us to conduct this 6-hour course for the small athletes. During our leadership training we received a manual for this course, which is a basic introduction to yoga and other antistress techniques.

At first I was very nervous, because this was my first course. My throat went dry constantly and I was sweating. But after a while I got accustomed to it and I really loved the whole experience of teaching. What thrilled me the most was the possibility to help somebody make a positive change in his life. We were standing there in front of 20 kids, who were eager to hear what we had to offer them. Those followed our instructions very strictly and they participated with a lot of joy in all the processes. It was a pleasure to work with them. When we were leaving they were all smiling, which is actually the purpose of the course. At the end of the course I received my first gift as a teacher, which is very dear to me – a small white elephant made of plaster and then glazed.

We also persuaded our course participants to take action for a better Aytos. Together with them we cleaned up a park in the outskirts of the town. They really enjoyed the whole experience.

Leaving Burgas
After this we conducted successfully two more courses in the same city. People were happy with us and we arranged 6-7 more courses in schools and for the general public. However we were quite successful, we had to move from Burgas, cause the concerts in Sofia was coming up, so our guys there needed us eagerly.
So, here I am, at the yoga center in Sofia – ready for action.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Another change of plan.
Again everything changed in less than a blink of an eye.
Again we have another game to play...

Until today we were the most amazing team here in Burgas. Vesna & Alen (Croatia), Viki (Ukraine), Iura (Moldova) and me - we were the so called 'Burgas team'. We were living in an apartment in the outskirts of Burgas. Actually our team never worked as it was initially planned - we had to organize a concert, but it was cancelled. So, we teamed up with our guys staying at the hotel in Sarafovo, who were helping at the child camp that the Art of Living is organizing. Karolina (Lithuania), Dhanshri (India), Tedi (BG) as well as the teachers Margo, Sarah and Deni were doing a great job there. Some of us joined them (Alen and Iura). Meanwhile some of us conducted a course in Aytos (the first Non Aggression Programme course for this Yes We Can!!!) and I am proud to be on of those guys. I was also helping at the summer camp and I really loved those kids :) Every day we were going to the beach, we were playing volleyball and swimming. Karolina and Alen even organized a treasure hunt for them :) (actually those two are amazing with kids, I see tham as very good Art Excel and Yes teachers) The kids were so happy..

And today all this is gone.. The child camp ended. Karolina and Iura went to Sofia, Vesna, Alen, Dhanu and Viki - to Varna. Only Tedy stayed back with me, we are staying for a couple of couses in Aytos. I guess we are the most lucky ones of all, cause we will get a lot of experience in conducting courses, but right now I am sad. I feel empty. I am used to be with no less than 5 people in the appartment. And I am missing them all. But most of all I am missing the two croatians. Alen was my roommate for more than a month and I really feel connected to him. I started to communicate with Vesna quite recently, but we teamed up very good. I'll miss also Iura's jokes, Dhanu's chapatis, Viki's charm, Karo's smile.. Hope to see you soon, guys :)

But wait! Yesterday there was also another surprise for me - most probably I will be coming back to Sofia next week. I didn't want to come back there so early (I've lived there all my life), but that's the way it goes. We are organizing courses at one school and they need bulgarians to conduct them. So, Sofia here I come :)

Every day - another surprise. That's what this program is about. Although I am missing my friends at this moments, I am happy that I am part of it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Learning to live

I just realised, that this is what we are doing right here. Last week really worked for me.. and in the same time, nothing worked the way I imagined. So, in short:
- Our Burgas concert is about to fail, cause the municipality is playing around with us. They don't really know what they know.
- My work is stuck. I am not writing anything.
- I am conducting my first course, together with Vesna and Viki!!! Two days ago they told us 'you are supposed to do it' and that was it.. we are successful by now.
- first meeting with people from Burgas went good. We also sang and played guitars for them. People were happy, promised to bring more people next time. See what happens..
- we are also conducting a children camp in burgas. Work with kids is just amazing!

A week ago I was supposed to go meet sponsors, organize a concerts and look what I am doing now - totally different things. So, life is what is happening while we are making other plans... and I love it :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Tomorrow another part of my life is ending, as many periods have ended by now. I am a bit sad about it – I have to separate from my new friends. I have spent 5 weeks with most of those people, but every day here is equal to 3-4 days in normal life, because they are so full of activities. I feel like I have known some of those people for ages!
Tomorrow I will not hear the witty jokes of Alen, I will not feel the motherly feel of Iva, I will not hear the angelic voice of Karo, I will not see the always supporting smile of Visnja, I will not hear the guitar of Zlatko, I will not receive the back treatments from Igor, I will not be in the company of the always smiling Santa, I will not enjoy the gentleness of Ausra, I will not look into the deep eyes of Martyna… but I will never forget them :) Hope that we will be soon together, guys. I’ll miss you all.
From tomorrow on I will be working with 4 other volunteers + 1 trainer. I still have the powerful Vesna (Cro), the always positive Dhanu, the hardworking Iura (Mol) and of course our boss chick Viki (Ukr) by my side and I will be relying on them. Or they will be relying on me, cause I am the only Bulgarian in the group, except for our trainer – Margo.
Tomorrow it’s starting. I mean the big stretch. The easy part is over, we are moving forward and out of our comfort zone. By now we have been comfortable. It is really comfortable staying at a hotel, isn’t it? Everything is taken care of – food, sessions, everything.
Tomorrow my five teammates and me are going to Burgas. We are moving to a nice flat in the city, owned by our Nastya – a very helpful middle-aged lady. She will be helping us a lot, especially during the first days of our stay there – especially with contacts and with orientation. When we go there, we will be the ones to take care of ourselves. And not only this – we will have to achieve certain goals. By now we have been preparing for it, but from tomorrow on we will have to implement what we have learned. Our duties include various tasks – in Burgas we will conduct several free courses, organize courses for other teachers, conduct weekly meetings and of course, organize a big concert (2000 people min.). Only for the concert we will have to go to meetings with sponsors and municipality, to organize promotions and so on. Oh, and I have to conduct the accountancy :)

Tomorrow is coming. Come what may, I have to succeed, because my cause is just. People deserve to have access to that knowledge, that we have :) So, just wish me luck.

Love u,

P.S. I wrote this 3 days ago, but I didn't have internet to post it. Since then things have changed, but I wanted to share them as I saw them at that moment. I will update you soon.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moods 2

I don't really know what's happening to me, but the last 2 days I have been quite nervous :(. Since yesterday I have had arguments with 3 people. I am usually a calm person and I don't like conflicting with others, but in the last days I am like a dynamite - you just need to push me a little and I am blowing off.
I guess it's because of the work. Work is coming, results are not there. Our blog is not yet online. Same thing with the website. I don't see the results of my work. Maybe that's why this happens, but I don't really like this nervous state of mind. Hopefully today I will come out of it :)