Wednesday, January 12, 2011

After Yes - We Can!

Wow :) Long time - no see, as they say. What to do, I've neglected this blog for a while. Now I want to resurrect this blog.
Anyways, a lot of things happened I wrote here for the last time. So here it is in short:
- we had our Yoga Jam Concert. The Sofia concert was a major success with over 1200 people attending! Django Ze, Wickeda, Spens, Sleepwalkings, Koceto-Kalki and many others performed live for the first massive non-smoking, non-drinking and non-drugging event in this part of the world.
- I became an Art of Living teacher in November! I also received a kriya tape along with 5 other guys from YWC Bulgaria - Pesho, Dhanu, Višnja, Ausra and Goga. Before that we were on TTC for like 3 weeks.
- After YWC I was supposed to go to Berlin, but apparently I stayed back to become a project coordinator of The Art of Living Bulgaria and the newly founded WAYE Bulgaria! Hooray!
- I was hospitalized for a couple of days due to honey powder alergy. It was quite nasty, but the whole experience was worth it, since I had some time off after YWC. I also met several very interesting people there.
- Me and my sis, we went to Croatia for New Year's Eve and had an amazing time with my YWC Croatian friends.
- I will have my first course soon. Very soon - it starts in a week from now and I am sure that it will be fully packed. :)

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