Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smolyan at first glance

You know, there are certain places, where one feels good. Well Smolyan is indeed one of those places (especially for me). First thing that you notice about it - the marvellous nature (one of the next days I am also going to post some photos,hopefully).
Then you notice the people - so friendly and nice. Even Office 1 Superstore girls were super friendly - I intruded their shop with the demand to use their copy machine, just while they were doing their monthly revision, and they didn't throw me out! They served me as a customer and with a smile.. Everyone from Sofia could tell you how they would have responded if this shop was in Sofia :D. So I am quite happy about it ;)

Goodbye Party (with sushi)

On thursday I had my goodbye party. I enjoyed it a lot, even though I was really tired - my sis and I have been cooking all day long.
The result, however, was marvellous :)

Thank you, people, for coming and also for the nice gifts. See you in a couple of months ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

So..what's next?

A quick overview over the program:

1. Pre-phase

1.1. The "Art of silence" course - a journey deep within yourself. This is a practice, coming from ancient times. Saints, monks and even ordinary people went silent for years, in order to cleanse their mind. Well, we are neither saints, nor monks, so 3 days should be enough :) No mobile, no sms, no facebook (oh, yeah!), no outer world. Just you, your thoughts, feelings and emotions :) Tomorrow we are getting silent for the next couple of days.
1.2. "Blessing" training. I think this needs no further explanation - we are going to learn how to bless others. More explanations - after the course begins ;)

2. YES - WE CAN! - the Training! This includes various fields, many of them still unknown to me. However, I know, that we will be taught how to cook, how to play music, how to make presentations and, of course, how to teach yoga. During this phase we are also going to prepare different projects.

3. YES - WE CAN! - the Action! - here comes the really big fun - we are going to travel to split into teams and travel around, doing our best in putting our projects into action.

4. YES - WE CAN! - Extention - only for those, who haven't had enough of it, there will be an option to continue working on the projects.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What the heck is Yes - We Can! ???

Yes - We Can! In short:

* Bye, mom! - 3 months away from home, 1 of which - in the marvellous town of Smolyan.

* Do as I say! .. Please! :) - development of leadership skills.

* OOOOOMMM - emphasis on creating a stress free & violent free society.

* are u ok? da, be, da! - more than 50 participants from various backgrounds and, of course, from different countries (= a lot of fun)

* what's that - a flute or a guitar? - 1 month of learning useful skills, such as presentation techniques, teaching yoga, cooking, playing the guitar, etc. .

* So.. where do we start from? Development of several projects

* Wherever I may roam/wander - 2 months of travelling throughout Bulgaria and the neighbouring countries and applying what we have learned - organizing concerts, courses, etc.
Society - wake up! ;)

* you're gonna carry all that on your back??? - something like 15 kg's of luggage for the whole timespan of 3 months, including winter clothing (honestly, I don't know how this can happen. I shall request assistance from my parents sooner or later) :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sun salutation

Ever heard of the sun salutation /surya namaskar/? This is a set of exercises, which yogis usually do every morning (but not me), to welcome the sun, coming to our world. Well those excercises energize the body, make it more flexible and prepare you for a long, hard day.
Unfortunately, as far as I hear, we will be having 50 (!!!) sets of it every morning. So I better start training for it, it will be hard :(((

Sunday, July 25, 2010