Thursday, July 29, 2010

So..what's next?

A quick overview over the program:

1. Pre-phase

1.1. The "Art of silence" course - a journey deep within yourself. This is a practice, coming from ancient times. Saints, monks and even ordinary people went silent for years, in order to cleanse their mind. Well, we are neither saints, nor monks, so 3 days should be enough :) No mobile, no sms, no facebook (oh, yeah!), no outer world. Just you, your thoughts, feelings and emotions :) Tomorrow we are getting silent for the next couple of days.
1.2. "Blessing" training. I think this needs no further explanation - we are going to learn how to bless others. More explanations - after the course begins ;)

2. YES - WE CAN! - the Training! This includes various fields, many of them still unknown to me. However, I know, that we will be taught how to cook, how to play music, how to make presentations and, of course, how to teach yoga. During this phase we are also going to prepare different projects.

3. YES - WE CAN! - the Action! - here comes the really big fun - we are going to travel to split into teams and travel around, doing our best in putting our projects into action.

4. YES - WE CAN! - Extention - only for those, who haven't had enough of it, there will be an option to continue working on the projects.

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  1. Blessing is very important for your units to inflict maximum damage in combats :)