Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smolyan at first glance

You know, there are certain places, where one feels good. Well Smolyan is indeed one of those places (especially for me). First thing that you notice about it - the marvellous nature (one of the next days I am also going to post some photos,hopefully).
Then you notice the people - so friendly and nice. Even Office 1 Superstore girls were super friendly - I intruded their shop with the demand to use their copy machine, just while they were doing their monthly revision, and they didn't throw me out! They served me as a customer and with a smile.. Everyone from Sofia could tell you how they would have responded if this shop was in Sofia :D. So I am quite happy about it ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hey man,

    u're a really positive guy (as u always were) - Smolyan has indeed magnificent nature surroundings, but the communist architecture is a bit too heavy and inappropriate for this region. A kinda pain in the ass, imho..

    Have a nice and sunny weather, fella - i like ya blog and i'll soon be writing back to ya again.