Thursday, September 9, 2010

Learning to live

I just realised, that this is what we are doing right here. Last week really worked for me.. and in the same time, nothing worked the way I imagined. So, in short:
- Our Burgas concert is about to fail, cause the municipality is playing around with us. They don't really know what they know.
- My work is stuck. I am not writing anything.
- I am conducting my first course, together with Vesna and Viki!!! Two days ago they told us 'you are supposed to do it' and that was it.. we are successful by now.
- first meeting with people from Burgas went good. We also sang and played guitars for them. People were happy, promised to bring more people next time. See what happens..
- we are also conducting a children camp in burgas. Work with kids is just amazing!

A week ago I was supposed to go meet sponsors, organize a concerts and look what I am doing now - totally different things. So, life is what is happening while we are making other plans... and I love it :)



  2. дам, оттук съм взел заглавието :)