Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Tomorrow another part of my life is ending, as many periods have ended by now. I am a bit sad about it – I have to separate from my new friends. I have spent 5 weeks with most of those people, but every day here is equal to 3-4 days in normal life, because they are so full of activities. I feel like I have known some of those people for ages!
Tomorrow I will not hear the witty jokes of Alen, I will not feel the motherly feel of Iva, I will not hear the angelic voice of Karo, I will not see the always supporting smile of Visnja, I will not hear the guitar of Zlatko, I will not receive the back treatments from Igor, I will not be in the company of the always smiling Santa, I will not enjoy the gentleness of Ausra, I will not look into the deep eyes of Martyna… but I will never forget them :) Hope that we will be soon together, guys. I’ll miss you all.
From tomorrow on I will be working with 4 other volunteers + 1 trainer. I still have the powerful Vesna (Cro), the always positive Dhanu, the hardworking Iura (Mol) and of course our boss chick Viki (Ukr) by my side and I will be relying on them. Or they will be relying on me, cause I am the only Bulgarian in the group, except for our trainer – Margo.
Tomorrow it’s starting. I mean the big stretch. The easy part is over, we are moving forward and out of our comfort zone. By now we have been comfortable. It is really comfortable staying at a hotel, isn’t it? Everything is taken care of – food, sessions, everything.
Tomorrow my five teammates and me are going to Burgas. We are moving to a nice flat in the city, owned by our Nastya – a very helpful middle-aged lady. She will be helping us a lot, especially during the first days of our stay there – especially with contacts and with orientation. When we go there, we will be the ones to take care of ourselves. And not only this – we will have to achieve certain goals. By now we have been preparing for it, but from tomorrow on we will have to implement what we have learned. Our duties include various tasks – in Burgas we will conduct several free courses, organize courses for other teachers, conduct weekly meetings and of course, organize a big concert (2000 people min.). Only for the concert we will have to go to meetings with sponsors and municipality, to organize promotions and so on. Oh, and I have to conduct the accountancy :)

Tomorrow is coming. Come what may, I have to succeed, because my cause is just. People deserve to have access to that knowledge, that we have :) So, just wish me luck.

Love u,

P.S. I wrote this 3 days ago, but I didn't have internet to post it. Since then things have changed, but I wanted to share them as I saw them at that moment. I will update you soon.

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