Sunday, September 12, 2010


Another change of plan.
Again everything changed in less than a blink of an eye.
Again we have another game to play...

Until today we were the most amazing team here in Burgas. Vesna & Alen (Croatia), Viki (Ukraine), Iura (Moldova) and me - we were the so called 'Burgas team'. We were living in an apartment in the outskirts of Burgas. Actually our team never worked as it was initially planned - we had to organize a concert, but it was cancelled. So, we teamed up with our guys staying at the hotel in Sarafovo, who were helping at the child camp that the Art of Living is organizing. Karolina (Lithuania), Dhanshri (India), Tedi (BG) as well as the teachers Margo, Sarah and Deni were doing a great job there. Some of us joined them (Alen and Iura). Meanwhile some of us conducted a course in Aytos (the first Non Aggression Programme course for this Yes We Can!!!) and I am proud to be on of those guys. I was also helping at the summer camp and I really loved those kids :) Every day we were going to the beach, we were playing volleyball and swimming. Karolina and Alen even organized a treasure hunt for them :) (actually those two are amazing with kids, I see tham as very good Art Excel and Yes teachers) The kids were so happy..

And today all this is gone.. The child camp ended. Karolina and Iura went to Sofia, Vesna, Alen, Dhanu and Viki - to Varna. Only Tedy stayed back with me, we are staying for a couple of couses in Aytos. I guess we are the most lucky ones of all, cause we will get a lot of experience in conducting courses, but right now I am sad. I feel empty. I am used to be with no less than 5 people in the appartment. And I am missing them all. But most of all I am missing the two croatians. Alen was my roommate for more than a month and I really feel connected to him. I started to communicate with Vesna quite recently, but we teamed up very good. I'll miss also Iura's jokes, Dhanu's chapatis, Viki's charm, Karo's smile.. Hope to see you soon, guys :)

But wait! Yesterday there was also another surprise for me - most probably I will be coming back to Sofia next week. I didn't want to come back there so early (I've lived there all my life), but that's the way it goes. We are organizing courses at one school and they need bulgarians to conduct them. So, Sofia here I come :)

Every day - another surprise. That's what this program is about. Although I am missing my friends at this moments, I am happy that I am part of it.

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