Sunday, August 15, 2010

A day of music

Yuhuuu :)

I had a great day here in Smolyan! Today we started learning the guitar and I learned playing 3-4 songs, which is quite much for a first day. The guitar lesson was only in the morning, but still we didn't know what was about to come. And what came later simply blew our minds...

I haven't mentioned it before, but we have a lot of guest speakers here. By now we have had the president of Easy Credit, a Comissioner from the EU commission (Kristalina Georgieva). And today's speaker...

Ok, I won't be teasing you anymore :) Валя Балканска (Valya Balkanska - a world renowned singer) was at the hall, where we usually play Yoga!!! :) And she was not alone - along came also Peter Yanev - a prolific bagpiper from the Rodopi mountain. Those guys simply changed my idea of music, but they also proved to be very interesting speakers. They talked simply, but deeply, mainly about the philosophy of bulgarian folklore. Quotes like 'Singing is working and working should be like singing' will immediately go to my favourite quotes page. They also showed us the divinity of bulgarian music. They sung a couple of songs and I can tell you - we were people from 12 countries in the hall, many of us had tears in their eyes. The songs from the Rodopa mointain are simply amazing - they have captured the spirit of the mountain, of the people and of the hard times they were written in. I hope that someone of the film crew will just convert my videos, so I can share that magic with you.
So, to round up a little - this was an amazing day dedicated to music. We all enjoyed it a lot!

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