Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the long walk home

I close my eyes. I have a strip over my eyes, so there is no use opening them. A warm hand takes mine and pulles me gently.
At first I hesitate. Should I go? and what If I fall on the ground? But what to do - that's part of the game. I feel another gentle hand on my shoulder, then I start walking more comfortable.
A staircase. The hand is pushing me gently, so that I know that there is a step. Then we are in the grass. I am being pushed to the ground, so that I can smell the grass. The gentle hand leads mine to a flower. I touch it. It is so delicate - almost like silk. Then we get up and walk rapidly. The leading hand presses mine against some bars. It's cold, but the metal does not feel strange or unusual to me. Feels more like it's a part of me, I have forgotten that I have :). Then comes this bronze statue. I touch it, eager to find out the person's identity, but my leading hand is pulling me impatiently.
The person leading me is taking me to a different place - I found myself standing in front of a tree. The hands show me, that I have to touch it. It feels alive. I put my arms around the tree and hug it. I hear myself laughing innocently, just like small children do. Then another gentle pull from the hand. We go down some stairs. Now I am totally in the hands of that person. She can bring me whenever she likes. One wrong step and GAME OVER, I think for a second. But this thought disappears quickly, because I don't stick to it, I just let it pass me by.
The hand then turns me round and round. I am not worried. It seems like a game, nothing bad can really happen to me. I feel secure. Then it takes me to some wall. I put my hand on the wall. We start running. I am running with my hands aside, pretending to be an airplane. I am a kid again...

All this was a part of a process we did here, which aims to build up trust between people. Actually I didn't know who was "the hand", until the game was over. It was the hand of a lithuanian girl called Ausra. The game lasted no more than 3-5 minutes, but to me it was more like an hour or so. So, time is relative, as maybe you all know :) Something else - don't trust your eyes only. Beyond that, in the other senses, there is a whole different world. So many dimensions are there.. you just have to dive into them, to change your point of view :)

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