Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Oh my God :))))

Today we recorded 7 songs. Believe it or not, we recorded OUR OWN songs.. In a hall in the local theater.. and I am singing on two of those songs. Well, ok, not exactly singing, it's more like rapping, but the song is not really rap.. the initial idea was for a rap song, but it became something else.. you will hear it sooner or later, when you buy our CD :P Can you guys believe it? :)

Since we are in Smolyan, the music team has been very productive - for 3 weeks the guys have written 7 songs and there are 3-4, which are not yet complete. The ones responsible for that are Karolina from Lithuania (vocals) and Zlatko from Croatia (guitar and vocals). Zlatko wrote all the music, Karolina - most of the texts. Other participants in the musical group are Gordana from Croatia and Martyna from Poland (both are singing), and of course the 'djembe' section, including my roommate Alen (Croatia) and me. Other people contributed with texts, like for instance July from Taiwan, who wrote a wonderful song in English with a chinese chorus :)

I cannot describe how happy I am about all of this. I am also grateful for being part of the whole thing. One month ago I couldn't imagine that I will be on some record, cause I never played some instrument. And now ... Now I want to have my own band when I come back to Sofia :)

P.S. Tomorrow I will upload photos from the recording session ;)

Have a nice evening,


  1. Milen, you promised photos ;)

    by the way, thanks for sharing thoughts. Good to know what's going on there :)

  2. haha welcome :) glad, that people read me. btw. are you Karolina's friend?
    oh, and about the pics, you have to blame Martyna, cause she haven't given me the photos yet. I just have some photos from the practice sessions.

  3. yes, I'm that Karolina`s friend from her computer desktop.

    looking forward to your next posts ;)

  4. well, nice to meet u, although not in person :) and thank you, I'm doing my best to keep this blog regularly updated.
    u can also check the official Yes! We Can blog, I am also writing there. there information is a bit more concise and formal.