Friday, August 27, 2010


While we were recording our songs at the theater I was nervous..
nervous, cause I was afraid I could screw up...
nervous, cause we didn’t have enough time to practice together…
nervous, cause it was my first time doing this…

Do you know how I came out of this? I started being grateful… grateful for being part of the whole thing, grateful that those guys chose me... This helped me a lot. I just switched my mind from the fear, that I am not good enough to the gratefulness for the opportunity to perform. Otherwise I would have been stuck and I would have probably screwed up :)

In our daily life we are usually not aware of this, but it is very important to be grateful. Our mind usually gets stuck with what we don’t have and chews it on and on, and on, until we get depressed. We simply forget what we have by repeating many times that we don’t have something else... And in most cases the things that we have are far more than the things, that we don’t. For instance, we may have a wonderful family, great friends, but no girlfriend or boyfriend/not enough money/etc. and therefore we are having a ‘loooong face’ every day.

So if you get depressed or unhappy with yourself at some point, here is a technique you can use. Sit down and think of all the positive things, that you have. At first it may be a little bit hard, because we tend to forget, but be persistent. Just go through everything you can think of. You may even consider writing those things down. Write down even things that may sound silly at first. Write down even small things (be grateful to the woman that gave you a smile on the bus or in the shop!). Even if there is only one thing on your list (however, I am quite sure there will be a lot more than that!!!), just stick to it! Be grateful! Remember the list every time you start drifting away. :)

And if you start doubting yourself, like I did (why did they choose me? Am I good enough for this?), just shift your question a little – wow, they chose me! Wow, I am doing this, although I am a beginner! I am so grateful for it! :)))))

I am grateful for being here;
I am grateful for having the opportunity to spend time with all of these positive and creative young people;
I am grateful for the wonderful friends and family that I have;
I am grateful for the life I live;
I am grateful.

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