Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recent news :)

I don't really know how to describe the last couple of days. They have been the most amazing days of my life, and my programme has not even started properly. :)
After the advance course came the blessing program. I cannot tell you much about it, guys, because I will spoil your joy of doing it :) It is a real fun and there is a lot of cleansing, that's what I can tell to you. As my DSN teacher Santosh says - "polish, polish, polish" (meaning that you are constantly improving yourself). I recommend it "with both hands" (as I would say in bulgarian language :)). Plus - now people can get a blessing through me. Believe it or not - it works! :)))
Btw. you can also go and see Swami Jotirmaya in Sofia 9-11 august, 19:00-21:30 in Universiada Hall or you can get a blessing from him on the 14th of august from 17.00 at the Art of Living Center in Sofia. You will love that guy, I promise you! ;)
Actually the YES - WE CAN! program starts today. We are becoming leaders, you know? :P Yesterday we just had to present ourselves officially in front of the other participants. In fact, I have known more of those people for more than a week and I've observed them. It's really amazing what a week of saddhana (yoga practice), meditation plus the cleansing processess has done to us - everybody has become more natural and more self-confident. And the big "polish, polish, polish" has not even started...


  1. Yeeee, now you will bless my units in heroes :)

  2. Bravo Milen just do it - NIKE ,)
    Zou have my support.