Sunday, August 29, 2010

If ...

IF …

… I had written this article yesterday, as I intended, I would have written totally different things than this..

I would have told you, that…

The last two days we were really chilling. We were preparing to leave Smolyan and nobody was in a hurry. We were packing up, we had a conference call with Sri Sri (very enjoyable, btw.). Aw, and we received a letter from the Smolyan municipality expressing their gratitude for our service work over there :)))))
We left Smolyan early in the morning on Saturday. I was sad about it. I’ve spent 1 month there. I got accustomed to the city, the mountains, the people, our daily routine, everything. I dind’t really want to leave Smolyan. Even the hotel owner had tears in her eyes and said she will miss us, even though we had some quarrels with her!

I think, that if I would have written this article a day ago, the mood would have been more minor, because of us leaving Smolyan.


… everything changes. Moods change like weather in the mountain, maybe even faster.
Yesterday I was so tired, that I couldn’t really keep my eyes open, let alone write. I guess that even the same things I would have written in a different way.

We had a 6 hour trip to the seaside. During this time we weer singing, chatting and eating junk food (one of the first times I am having it in a month). I even slept on the bus stairs, cause my dear friend Santa from Latvia fell asleep on both mine and her seat and I didn’t want to wake up :D :D.

Once we arrived at our hotel in Sarafovo (Burgas), we were in the sea, playing like small kids :D I even tried to teach two of the girls from our group how to swim, but with no visible success.
Then we went on a small trip to Nesebar – a world heritage city near Bourgas.
Although I was tired, I had the greatest night ever! While most of the others went dancing, a group of four people including me went to the beach for stargazing. The experience was amazing, I cannot find the proper words to describe it. Actually I slept there under the stars (first time for this year).. and in the morning, I woke up just before the down, ran a little, then did a wonderful set of asanas, kriya and meditation. One of the best experience from Yes! We Can so far!

SO …

…there is no “if” :) It just does not exist. The article that was I my mind yesterday is already gone. It just does not exist. There is only now. Just one moment and then NOW is gone. And right now I am happy with where I am and what I do, that’s the only thing that matters ;)


  1. Такси ДрайвърAugust 31, 2010 at 5:52 PM

    Hey fella,

    it's me again. Nice to see you being so happy. Was it only the Sun in the morning and and the Stars in the evening, that braught you that, or were there other highlights during the night;)

    Btw - how are you going to stay there (meaning the Black Sea)? Coz' me and Helen are planing a small journey to Sozopol in Spetember. Would be very nice to meet you there.


  2. ами супер :) аз лично много ще се радвам да се видим. към коя дата ще сте в Созопол?
    Не знам обаче как стоят нещата с моята заетост - имаме доста дейности планирани за времето, през което сме там - боядисване на няколко училища, детски курсове, подготовка на голям концерт (9.10.), работа в Айтос с децата от едно училище, оправяне на някаква градина пак там + още работи.
    Друго, което малко ме притеснява е, че може да ме преместят от там по всяко време. Очаквам да бъда за десетина дни в Широка лъка - Смолянско (ще работя със сираците в един дом там).
    Та така - като заидвате - кажи. предполагам аз до созопол няма да стигна, но може да ви включим в някоя акция :D